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For her first half-century, Katherine Davis expected little more than disease, disability, and death. What a surprise (a shock even) to find herself growing out of medical and emotional trauma into a health and happiness she did not dare to imagine. 
In Singing Into Darkness, Katherine Davis feels her way into continuing life: with empathy, with action, and with art. She shows herself beginning to dip into the luxury of living, with more time to love, to learn, and to realize the fullness of her temperament and her talents. She encourages others to have faith in themselves, that they too can overcome their challenges and rise above the obstacles the world puts before individuals who choose difference over conformity and voice over silence.
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Other Works:
My Progress, My Recovery

Ebook - The Path to Freedom 03 (1)_edite

In The Path to Freedom, Katherine Davis draws a map of the other side of trauma. Having crossed beyond suffering and beyond anger, she walks with only herself as a guide, seeing the world for what it is, admiring its starkness, and reveling in its beauty. She narrates a continuing journey, not without obstacles, but with the intriguing rewards that come from waiting, watching, working, and wanting. In writing and in living, Katherine Davis forges a trail to the new and the possible.


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In Desire and Exploration, Katherine Davis narrates her own surprise and delight: after decades of abuse and toxic stress, she finds what once was only a glimmer of hope on the horizon becomes the dawn of a new era in her life. Liberated from the worst physical and psychological effects of complex trauma, she celebrates becoming wholly herself, a creature of art and expression, of dissent and difference. She provides proof that with desire and exploration, you can live not just to tell the tale, but to fully embody the person you were meant to be.

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