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Katherine Davis spent the last seven years confronting and overcoming the physical and psychological effects of trauma. She danced her way out of pain. She spoke her way out of silence. She gained competence by doing and confidence by putting herself out there, again and again. She embraced the new and the challenging and journeyed to distant destinations.
In her latest publication, Body Slam, Katherine Davis finds that instead of getting the rest she feels she needs and deserves, more trauma awaits: a diagnosis of breast cancer causes her to revisit the childhood cancer that almost killed her and the emotional abuse perpetrated by her family of origin that disabled her for decades.
Despite the intensity of these physical and psychological challenges, Katherine Davis emerges stronger and more determined than ever, to live a life full of joy and laughter. She survives because she knows she is worth the struggle and the risk, and she encourages others, even in the midst of difficulties, to believe in the purpose of their journey.

Other Works:
My Progress, My Recovery

Children are born perfect at being themselves, but what if that natural ease and delight are taken away from you by forces beyond your control? In her latest writing, Chaos into Beauty, Katherine Davis narrates how she survived diminishment and found not just solace but profound strength in the act of creating and recreating herself. She regains voice and language, music and spirit, discovering that out of pain and loss, a terrible beauty can be born. In art and in exercise, she finds room to grow and to be, more than a witness, an embodiment of joy.
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Photo Book Live to Tell
Photo Book Breathe and Move
Photo  Book Full Out
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