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Attention Indomitable Spirits

Updated: May 23, 2022

Every moment you allow them to occupy you, you are yielding, you are giving them a victory. I am a survivor only of personal history, of the warring tactics of the nuclear family, of the man in charge and of the women who protect and enable him, aided and abetted by religion, government, and medicine. Drive them out. Dwelling on their stupidity and brutality perpetuates their legacy of ruin. As a minor in their keep, you could not help but be affected and dominated, inhabited by the very forces you fought and despised. You do not have to commit a crime against yourself or anyone else. Kill them within. Beat them out of your mind and body with the shining and singing and resilient pipes and sticks of a future that will resist and triumph. You can punish them now. You have the power. Banish them from your life. Walk into the horizon of continuing, free of a past that only drags on your limbs. Wriggle, dance, shake, tremble, climb. A dynamo. A force for yourself and anyone else with a like heart, a driving rhythm, an indomitable spirit.

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