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To the Women Whose Unofficial Job Is Love

Updated: May 23, 2022

There are women who taught me how to live. How to listen to myself and others. How to ask questions and stay curious. How to explore. How to care. How to be present. How to see. How to respect and how to value. How to walk with courage. How to stand up for myself and for what is right. How to speak and how to assert. That life is an adventure worth taking. That the risk is all. That love is not coddling or control. That love is not falseness or dishonesty. That love is not pretty. That love is not reserved for holidays or best expressed in things bought and packaged. That love is not flattery or self-congratulation.

To all the women who taught me how to be me. No matter how much the world under-pays and under-values who they are and what they do: Claudette, Juanita, Teri, Betsy, Julie, Gina, Mary, Andrea. For the women who do the work. For the women who get the job done.

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